Guaranteed to have your lips soft and sweet!  

Main Ingredients:

Raw cane sugar 
Raw Honey
Coconut oil
Aloe Vera

Coconut & Honey Lip Scrub


    Reviews and Comments

    Almond & Coconut Body Butter
    5.0 5 Product ratings

    I absolutely love my BODY BUTTER ❗️ I use it every single time I get out the shower. It makes my skin feel so GOOD. I smell all good and moisturize for my boyfriend 🥰 I can’t wait for Black Friday & Holiday Sale ☺️ I’m definitely gifting people with this amazing product ☺️

    5.0 5 Product ratings

    Coconut body butter is my favorite for the summer!!! Gives me beach vibes & smells so yum!

    5.0 5 Product ratings

    Girl, this mask! My skin is so much brighter and my pores are tighter I see a difference after I wash it off. I leave it on for like 15-20 min so it really gets in my pores

    5.0 5 Product ratings

    Have my skin feeling sooo good !! 💜 best product.

    Kimberly G
    5.0 5 Product ratings

    Absolutely love this body butter! it smells yummy, and really moisturizes your body! I have dry itchy skin and this body butter puts that to rest. My skin feels hydrated and smooth. you wont go back to regular lotion after using it.

    Tifani D
    5.0 5 Product ratings

    This AMAZING butter blend works wonders! When on my trip to Jamaica the mosquitoes were horrible, and the itching sensation from the bites were unbearable. So I rubbed some of the Almond Butter on my legs, and girl when I tell you the itching INSTANTLY stopped! This butter is the truth, would definitely recommend.

    5.0 5 Product ratings

    Love, Love, Love these two omgeee just in love the smell and the glow I get every time I wear it. Can’t wait to order more 😍😍😍

    Monica S.
    5.0 5 Product ratings

    Smells sooooo good!

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