• Kenia C

Face oil galore

So. I had no idea there were so many people who didn’t use face oils. My DM’s are crazyyyy! But I love it! Let me share my knowledge and why i switched from moisturizers to beauty oils.

i was first introduced To face oils in esthetician school. There were brands we used in school that used face oils in their treatments. Also, I learned to use oils to help remove toxins from the skin especially while extracting on my clients, but that’s a different topic. Lets get into the benefits of face oils.

Facial oils seal in moisture and adds in that extra nourishment. Although, even those with oily skin, can benefit from using face oils, it can be especially nourishing to dry skin.

Face oils leave the skin with a healthy glow and can be used as a make up primer. It helps to apply foundation more smoothly.


Your skin may appear dull and dry as you get older too, because your skin will produce less natural oils as you age. Your skin may also look dull if you don’t drink enough water and if you dont exfoliate you’re skin. I exfoliate 2-3 times a week with an enzyme, the papaya enzyme face mask to be exact.

Papaya Enzyme Beauty Mask


You may use a face scrub. As long as you are removing those excess oils and dead skin cellsTo be honest, no matter the cause of dull skin, facial oil can help restore, hydrate and provide glowing skin.

Too much unprotected sun exposure can cause free radical damage and that means wrinkles and sunspots. Some facial oils are packed with antioxidants. One natural ingredient i know for sure that helps with all of the above, is grapeseed oil. Grapeseed oil is full of vitamin C and E sources. I personally use it everyday and I learned about the benefits of it while in school to be an estheticIan.

My skin is super soft using the Hydrating Beauty Oil (linked with first photo) and it minimizes my pimples. If you want to try out a face oil, use it at night to see how your skin feels. There’s other face oils I’ve been using lately such as marscuja oil aka passion fruit oil. Absolutely, AMAZING. I’ll definitely be curating some beauty care products with this baby.

Lastly, oils are lipophilic meaning they can penetrate deep into the skin, blocking in water and other moisturizing yumminess inside. Some oils also help strengthen your own natural skin barrier. Leave in the comments below on what you want to know next or what face oils are you currently using. 💗

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