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Skin Positivity: How can I be confident in my own skin?

Updated: Oct 3

“Maybe you should see a dermatologist” “Do you have eczema?” “What are those dark spots?” If you’ve been asked these questions before, then I’m sure you’ve pictured yourself slapping them. But no seriously, why can’t people just mind their skin. Worry about your own skin and stop picking on other people. In fact, when someone points out your insecurities they’re really trying to hide theirs. One side of me wants me to tell you to point out their insecurity but no, please don’t do that. We’re going to hit them (not physically) where it hurts which is to remain positive and show off the confidence YOU DO HAVE.


Once upon a time, there was a girl who was picked on. By friends, by strangers, even by family. She was a very kind, funny, and bright girl but no one knew because they only cared about her appearance.

Let me describe to you what she looked like. She had black box braids that were long to her back almost all the time. Almond shaped eyes that when she looked at you, you couldn’t help but to stare back into them. Cocoa butter and caramel skin complexion with beautiful temporary imperfections. She covered and guarded those imperfections with her life. Those imperfections was eczema and hyperpigmentation. No one was going to point them out. Only she was in charge of that! She did not give permission to others to talk down to her. She worked on herself with self-love, consistency, and a natural journey that lead to great habits. The end. LOL. That little girl was me.

Honestly, the true way to have overall confidence in yourself, in your body, in your skin, is to not give a damn about what people think. Trust me you’ll be so better off and once you get there it’s no going back. You’re stuck. Forever. I use self-love affirmations to keep my mindset positive and I surround myself with people who do not talk down on me and also have their own self-confidence and self-love path.

7 Self-love Affirmations to say to yourself daily

  1. My skin is healing and healthy.

  2. I love my skin.

  3. I eat healthy foods to nourish my skin.

  4. My skin is mine and it's beautiful.

  5. I love my skin and don't want anyone else's.

  6. I accept my skin the way it is.

  7. Everyones skin is not the same.

Skin positivity has nothing to do with changing your appearance. It’s more so changing your mindset and the negative feeling you have about your skin. When you find that true love within yourself, it’s the best feeling and you will protect it. This was a short blog this week. I just want to help the next Queen or King feel confident in the skin they’re in.

Also, I want to leave you with this.

Who taught you how to think so negatively? Who taught us that?

Peace.Love. Happiness.


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