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Sensual Care: Self Care=Sexy

Updated: Oct 13

Are you taking care of your sensual self? Self care has a lot to do with nourishing our physical bodies and minds. Eating healthy, exercising regularly, and living a stress-free life is already apart of our lifestyle I’m sure but I can’t help but to share some sensual care tips. I like to think of sensual care as our “inner goddess”. This part is inspired by sexuality and arousal. The energy sets off self-confidence and makes you feel sexy and invigorated. Check out these 5 tips below:

1. Dance. Put on your favorite music and dance in the mirror. Grab your man or your lady and dance with each other. Dancing helps with internal rhythm as well as helps you to be more comfortable with your body and how it moves. To spice it up, dance in lingerie and heels (for yourself or your significant other).

2. Pleasure session. You know what I’m talking about. Some alone time with your love. Or a random rendezvous with your sweetheart. Take your pleasure into your own hands and have your own session if you prefer. Sexual activity is proven to release oxytocin, which reduces stress, improves mental health and decreases muscle tension.

3. Pamper. You all already know how I feel about my pampering. It’s a ritual for me. Taking care of yourself just feels so amazing. Give yourself a bubble bath weekly or go and get services done like a facial, massage, or body scrub. You deserve it.

4. Give yourself an oil or body butter massage. Self massaging with botanical and organic oils can flush out toxins from the body, decrease the effects of aging like fine lines and wrinkles, increase stamina and soften your skin. I love using fruit oils like coconut, grape seed, and sweet almond oil.

5. Examine your body. Performing self-exams on the breasts and vulva at least once a month can help prevent sexual health concerns from escalating into larger problems later. Healthy is sexy too.

Now that you have a few ideas you too can now start your journey to sensual care.


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