• Kenia C

Self care. Soul care. Mind care.

Why is it that when we get alone, we overthink all of our problems?

Now, I know this isn’t “beauty related” but i wanted to come on here and talk about something I’m personally going through and it can help someone else.

I know I am happy. But it seems like these days my mind has been telling me otherwise. That’s the thing though. My mind is telling me I’m not okay. So does that mean I’m not? I’m happy when I wake up. I am happy when I talk to my friends and family. I am happy when I’m listening to my favorite music. Or even laughing at funny memes. For that moment, it’s gets my mind off of the worry. (Please tell me you can relate to this if you do)

Stress can take over your mind first. Constantly crying, overthinking and getting headaches. then it gets in your body. Very overwhelming feeling and you become sick, lastly it messes with your soul. You don’t want to do anything. With anyone. Not in the mood to, at least. Maybe your become grouchy and rude to others.

Many of you know I have keratoconus. Y’all, I have a retinal tear in my eye pretty much because of stress. Retinal tears can lead to detachment which can lead to blindness or complete blurry vision. Floaters, flashes of light or black dots are the symptom. This is what I mean by “sick” in the body. I won’t get into details but I am here to remind you of a few things. I have so many to share I can go on and on. But this is a blog not a book lol.

1. It’s never that serious. Your mental health, hell YOUR HEALTH comes first. Call out.

2. Put your phone down for at least 4 hours straight. It can be before bed or early in the morning when you first wake up. (lol the real challenge is to do in the middle of the day. And not while you’re at work). I am STILL working on this. 😩

3. Do staycations or spa days. Listen, I recently started to get into this with my boyfriend. Honestly, I get so much good sleep 😂. I felt so relaxed. Reasons why I like staycations is because it’s close to home, I know my surroundings, but I also get that vacation feel.

Dwight (my man ❤️) was very thoughtful and planned this whole staycation at a nice hotel and lunch! His plan was to de-stress me from work and also my worries with my vision. Well it worked. We can hear the waves from our penthouse balcony. Very relaxing and I want to do it again lol! Go by yourself if you don’t have anyone to go with. The whole purpose was to get out of my original surroundings and relax somewhere new. New location, fresh thoughts. Lol.

4. Lastly, meditation and prayer. These two here are necessary in my life. I feel at calm when I meditate and pray. At the end of the day, whatever it is that you are stressing about I’m sure we can solve it. It’s not worth your health or your life. For now on, moving forward sis (and bro), we will be worry free and we’re going to do whatever it is that we want to do. Today is today. We’re here today. We can’t see tomorrow yet. So start these rituals today.

Take care of your whole self 💖✨ love y’all 😘

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