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Beauty Secrets. Are they really that secretive now?

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Honestly, the best kept secret is never kept.

Hi Butter Babes and ButterMen? (I kind of like it). For my very first blog i wanted the topic to be very common. Many of you may know that I do have a background in skin care and I am a licensed Esthetician. No i currently do not do facials, but I am a spa supervisor at a beautiful resort, so I am in my happy world of skin care and beauty pretty much everyday lol.

Now, the 3 wonderful natural beauty care tips may not be so secret, BUT I have received DM'S and a couple of emails of questions regarding my skin care routine and also why I incorporate ice in it (from what was shown on my instastory) and etc.

The 3 Beauty Secrets that I have done with clients in the past and what I do on my private spa days at home with myself are... Take a look.

-Skin Icing

After cleansing my face and after my mask, I apply an ice cube all over my face until it melts. I have very large pores so the cold ice minimizes them also helps in excess oil production. There's this Korean facial called the “Ice Facial” which I am dying to try, where they incorporate ice cubes. Applying ice to your face constricts blood vessels, which alters the blood flow to your skin. Because of this, your body starts circulating more blood to your face, leaving it radiant. If you want to be fancy, you can freeze your water with lemon, roses, green tea, cucumber, or even chamomile tea for extra benefits or depejfing on your skin care needs.

-Turmeric tea and face mask

Using turmeric as a skin benefit has been around for many years. No secret there. I started using turmeric as a lifestyle about 2 years ago and when I say WOW, I mean WOOOWWW!

Growing up with eczema left scars and discoloration on my face. This is why i created a formula using turmeric to help lighten hyper-pigmentation. Turmeric is very calming, so whenever you flare from rashes with eczema or rosacea, that'll be the best "go to". The cons of using turmeric as a face mask is that it can stain your towels and stain your face. I personally have not experienced a stained face, I've only seen it brighten my complexion. As far as the towel staining, I use dark towels lol. Another alternative would be turmeric tea. Same amazing results but more because its also internally beneficial.

-Oil Cleansing with steam

Facial steaming is luxurious treatment used in many spas and even dermatologists offices. Once pores are cleared and skin is softened, your oils and moisturizers can be easily penetrated into the skin. But why wait to go to the spa to experience this technique being used when you can do it in the privacy of your home. I purchased my own portable steamer a few years back to use on myself and also private clients.

When steaming, the key is to open your pores and remove excessive impurities and sebum (oils we produce). Oil dissolves oil. When massaging your face with the oil (grape seed oil is my favorite), the natural oils are dissolving into the pores and in fact are bringing out the dirty oils in the skin with excess bacteria.

•••just a heads up, I’ve tried this before and for the first week or so I had mini pimples/breakouts, but I’ve read articles on this and it’s stated that it’s a detox reaction to all the impurities being pulled from the skin.•••

I can say that I will never go back to all of those harsh chemicals. First of all, I barely knew what they were or how to pronouns them. Secondly, for what? using natural ingredients has really improved my skin and helped tremendously with my eczema.

Apart from this, thank you so much for taking the time out to read. I have so much more in store and to talk about. Leave comments on how these worked for you and what topics you want me to discuss. Do tell girl.


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