(Daily use) 

Keep in room temperature (70 degrees-78 degrees). Butter normally melts at 90 degrees. After shower, while skin is still moist, apply a good amount of body butter all over body. Allow skin to breathe for a few moments before clothing. 



 (2-3x a week) 

While in the shower, apply an ample amount of sugar scrub in palm of hand, lather and exfoliate over body removing dead skin cells. Rinse. With this homemade body scrub, there is much moisturize from the oils, there is no need to apply body butter. However, if you can apply Beauty Butter’s body butter after shower. 



(Daily use) 

Use face toner morning or night. There are many different uses to the toner. You can use it to remove your makeup or to even set your make up. Spray cotton round and swipe across eyes to remove eye makeup or face to remove foundation. To use as a makeup setter, spray 3-4 pumps across done face. Wallah. Glowing! You can also use as a daily face refresher to give your skin much needed nutrients throughout the day.


(2x a week) 

Use Beauty Mask 2x a week. Place mask into mixing bowl and add purified water to create a paste. Leave on for 15-20 mins. Tingle sensation may take place and will subside after a couple of minutes. Rinse thoroughly, preferably 2x. Use dark washcloth/towel. 



(Daily Use)

This gentle oil can be used every day after cleansing your face. It does not clog your pores and helps balance out dry and oily patches. 



(2-3x a week) 

Apply a generous about of scrub to wet lips and exfoliate in circular motions. Use lip scrub 2-3 times a week to keep away dead skin. 


“The Key Is to Glow”

Beauty Butters 


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